The White Huns of Identaria

‘The White Huns of Identaria’ is a Gothic fantasy novel about the eternal process of nation-building in a world of Race and Tradition. It is set in Identaria, a wild and holy land located at the end of the continent Uneurope. The isolated country is ruled with an iron fist by the Nationslayer, a dictator with a synthezoid body who has banned the Identarian nation and prohibited booze. With the support of his allies, the Raceless and the Genderlings, the Nationslayer imposed a rather disorderly regime over the banned nation of Identaria. ‘The Nationslayer’s Order’, however, is opposed by motley dissident groups of nationalists and bootleg liquor gangs. Underground nationalist organisations are conspiring exultantly against the Nationslayer in dark places around tables full of bootleg liquor.

One of the nationalist rebels is Quentin, an identity addict, passionate intellectual and boozer. He uses the lure of wild parties in his ancestral Gothic mansion to recruit volunteers for a most risky surgical operation. His hopes run high when he believes he has Küssel – the chief rogue of the town of Hunburg – on board. During the euphoria felt after a chance discovery of ‘fire-milk’ in the attic, Quentin declares the birth of the Hun nation to replace the banned Identarians. However, when his grand ideas are not embraced by everyone in Hunburg, Quentin ventures to meet his comrades from ‘National Resistance – Identaria’ in the capital city of New Laibach who are preparing a coup to overthrow the Nationslayer.

But can Küssel really be trusted? Do the lads from National Resistance have what it takes? And what on earth is going on in the crypt of Hunburg’s Clock tower?

Come with me, Jolly Reader, and all will be revealed about this most traditional world of nationalist boozers, info-ghosts, Raceless and Genderlings!

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Chapter 3. The Putsch

Chapter 3. The Putsch

Now this was the putsch-day, a day of ecstatic hope and nationalist longing when National Resistance was going rogue to overthrow the Nationslayer’s Order. New Laibach was so calm in the expectation of the putsch. The town looked like a fair maiden waiting for her groom to come and knock on the doors. The young bride was gorgeous, blond tresses gently falling over her elegant neck. Her body was slender and full of passion, her clothes almost invisible. An air of tense desire pervaded this maiden-town. Waiting for your putsch is like waiting for your lover. And there he was, the groom, walking down the yellow-cobbled streets of New Laibach, erect and haughty. Thick male eyebrows hanging over his face, his eyes gazing straight at the bride’s red lips. He was solemn-looking, his right hand clenched into a fist and punching the air. His left hand was holding a bundle of Krampus birch sticks to show that this was a serious affair. As the putsch arrived, the maiden of New Laibach seemed to be staggering, on the brink of tumbling down. But the groom rushed to the maiden and grasped her tightly before she fell, and kissed her with passion. The maiden of New Laibach was saved, helpless and full of delight in the strong hands of her beloved putsch.

Only he who had taken part in a putsch had really tasted the dark pleasures of this world. There is no more sublime pleasure than being swept up in the whirl of a putsch. All the struggles, subversions, misleading manoeuvres, black ops and misinformation campaigns – all this hard undercover work would pay off when the putsch eventually became a successful coup. The undercover activist with a criminal air about him would suddenly turn into a respectable statesman. Everyone who carefully reads the Penal Code knows that only an attempted putsch makes a criminal offence. Once it is successful, the coup is no longer a crime but rather the political act of coming to power. Victors are not judged as there is no legitimate state body to judge them. Identaria’s history had been dialectically structured like an eternal putsch in the nation’s body and soul. Putsch upon putsch – this was Identaria’s history in essence, with only short breaks for respite and love. And I can tell you that there will always be warmongers and putschists in Identaria as they are the salt of this land. Despite the power of the Nationslayer’s Order and his allies, day after day the holy hate of Identarians was growing in the bowels of the banned nation. And this holy hate was very soon to blast from the underground club of National Resistance on Number 10 Genderlingus Street.

The preparations for the putsch in National Resistance’s club were in full swing. The lads had not fully respected the planned deadline as Daniels had hit the bottle for a few days. It was such a binge with the Rodtown division that the head of National Resistance nearly forgot the planned putsch. But it was Knut who went to Rodtown and with his own calloused hands brought Daniels back from a party that might not have ended well. And now, for five days, Daniels had not taken a drop and he was fresh for the putsch, and all the lads were gathering in the Club for the final preparations. Funds for the weapons and the Krampus costumes had been provided by a most generous donation from Roberto Kapuzin, a champion of National Resistance who had unexpectedly become a millionaire from gambling. Before going underground with the money, he donated to National Resistance 20 000 golden pieces for the putsch. Kapuzin was head of the fan club of the third division football team ‘Pyrenees United’. The only condition he had posed before donating was that following the successful putsch he would be given full control over his favourite football team. Kapuzin had ambitions for a breakthrough with the team on the football scene in Uneurope, which was hardly imaginable for a team from a closed country like Identaria. But such were the dreams of a gambling millionaire and nationalist.